Shippin’ Out

Uncertainty is dripping from the ceiling and I’m consciously unconcerned. I’m sitting on the floor in Terminal E of Logan International, a flight to London on my hour-away horizon. I’d venture to say that airports are one of the only places in the first world where it’s completely acceptable for a non-homeless person to sit on the ground as strangers walk around you (and music festivals).

For some reason, the flight, and the subsequent 8- month journey, are not at all looming. I’ve been thinking about this for so long, and told so many people about it, that I’ve grown a bit of a callous to it all. Only when I’m gone and away- here and arrived- will I actually notice that something monumental has happened. 8 months is a really long time right now, though in a few years it will feel like nothing at all.


Uncertainty is indeed dripping from the ceiling, and the stuff closest to me concerns my dinner conversation tomorrow night, the residence I might take up in Paris, the bike-ability of Athens, the effects of Abu Dhabi on my bank account, and the many errands I have to run in non-touristic parts of Kathmandu.

Farther away, puddles on the floor contain anxiety about a 15-hour bus ride, clearing a Nepali jungle to plan for a 300-student school, designing a school, and, well, building said school with a task force of a dozen Nepali workers. I’m sure I’ll have many “what did I get myself into?” moments, and I hope I do. After all, uncertainty is necessary to learn and grow, and that’s exactly what this trip is meant for.


6 comments on “Shippin’ Out

  1. mom says:

    now that’s a blog, luke! such fun reading. i loved all your detailed descriptions. even though these past 10 days have been a whirlwind of travel, you seemed to capture the essence of each place you visited. looking forward to hearing about abu dhabi, annabelle, and katmandu. be safe and have fun. xoxox, your mo

  2. hopiec2013 says:

    We are ardent followers of your journey. By the way, your writing was pretty darn good!

  3. Anthony Thacher says:

    Thanks for including us. We look forward to following your adventures. Best wishes and good luck. Barrie and Tim

  4. cass says:

    Pffff 300 students is nothing – you can build that thing with your bare hands. oh the excitement of not knowing what comes next! have fun bro.

  5. Brooke says:

    You da maan Like. Grab a machete and get to hackin’ maan.

  6. Brooke says:

    That was Luke, not Like…..

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