Tu peux parler français?

I had determined that I was to speak as much French as possible while here, so having met up with my cousin and host Joseph after 5 years, I was frustrated to hear myself speaking naught but the mother tongue. Necessity removes inhibitions (as well as alcohol), however, and when we met up with 6 of his friends whose English was no better than my French, my opportunity was born. They alternating between French and English, and me mostly sticking to French. I learned a bounty of new words, and actually remembered them later on.

Paris outraged, Paris broken, Paris bullied, but Paris freed

As the night when on, and we moved from bar to bar and drink to drink, I was feeling an addictive rush and exhilaration at speaking another language and successfully conveying emotions, ideas, and actual human concepts. This is not to say that I am by any means good at speaking French, but this was my first time ever conversing with others outside of a class or jokingly with friends, so during my whole visit I discovered a new form of natural high when I successfully spoke the language. This is all to say that one of my main ambitions for the 8 months in Nepal is to learn conversant Nepali- it’s a tall order, and one that will require me to abandon inhibitions and frustrate those around me, but I’m determined.

Honey, look.. it says right at the top: Excellent reputation!


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