Ode to the Red Sox

… and all of Boston Sports.

I never grew up watching sports, since our house only had two channels, one of which was PBS. And while I was always a pretty decent athlete, I never played football or hockey (JV Puck at Groton doesn’t exactly count), and stopped playing basketball and baseball after third grade. And yet these are now the only sports that I follow.

My love for the Red Sox was instilled in me by Alex Hull, my Groton roommate. Basketball, by my Sophomore BC roommate, Nick Lessin. And the Patriots… if you’re from New England (except western Benedict Connecticut) and going to school in Boston, it’s impossible not to cheer for the Pats. I’m no true Bruins fan, but rioting outside the Garden after their 2011 Stanley Cup win was unforgettable.

I wouldn’t think of myself as a fair-weather fan of these teams, but it’s also hard to really know. I haven’t exactly been tested. Since I started at Groton, each of these teams has won a championship, and in the past 4 years have all been phenomenal. It’s just been a blessed time to be a Boston sports fan.


Regardless, the whole point of this post is that I love the Red Sox, I love Fenway and the Garden and Boston as a city, and listening live to Shane Victorino’s grand slam this morning to send the Sox to the World Series was an emotional explosion. The crowd, the stakes, the team, the Green Monster – in contrast with my actual surroundings – all made me feel very close to my old home, watching the game with my friends and shouting at the flatscreen in the frat or Nick’s 15 inch TV or the common room in Brooks House at Groton or with the Nieblings in Boscawen, or even with Mom at home streaming the game on firstrowsports. Knowing that, thanks to the internet, at the exact moment all these people were doing the exact same thing – celebrating – despite a multi-thousand mile separation between some of us.

I bellowed a massive “YES” and danced around the house twice this morning – after the grand slam and after Uehara’s final pitch, and the Nepali children around me were confused to the utmost. When I put my head down on the table after the game ended, Bindu came over and asked if I was crying.

Anyway, I’m sure Cohen will give a healthy “psh” to this, but… GO RED SOX!!!

This says "Go Red Socks" instead of "Go Red Sox." Oh well.

This says “Go Red Socks” instead of “Go Red Sox.”


3 comments on “Ode to the Red Sox

  1. Tim says:

    So’s youse sayin’ ya can take da Duke outta Bean Town but ya can’t take Bean Town outta da Duke, eh?

  2. Josh says:

    oh dear, where did I go wrong…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed this post Luke……we missed the slam…..went to bed too early!! Hope all is well.

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