An Overview of the Crew

If it’s possible to dedicate a blog post, then I dedicate this blog post to my father, who turns something like 63 or 64 today, February 26. Happy birthday dad!

My time sheet for all the workers.

My time sheet for all the workers.

Laxmin Ude Juda Samdi KrishnaKancha ManMahadur Indra Bhag Nirmala Chandra


5 comments on “An Overview of the Crew

  1. Josh says:

    brilliant idea luke. every single one of these portraits deserves its own article. I don’t know how you found so many different unique characteristics to focus on. Now you just need to find some women to hire that match the standards the rest of the crew seem to have established (it has to be pointed out that the men have expected to do such work since they were int he cradle by the way; surely they are all lazy slobs at home, just like yours truly-even sometimes, if I recall, yourself!)

    Then only thing missing is a video of them talking about the Big Boss. this was my best bday present ever.

  2. steventish says:

    Fascinating, Luke. Thanks for taking the time to give us that glimpse.

  3. Anthony Thacher says:

    You seem to have chosen your team well. You didn’t indicate whether your pay scale puts your folks at the head of the line, just average, or what. I suspect most are grateful to have a job and the fact they stick around indicates they accept you as the boss. As for breaking the glass ceiling with Nirmala and Bhag, is it common for men and women to work together? One other thing. Compared to the United States of Obesity your team are short and thin, yet they seem to be workhorses. Tim

  4. cassidia8 says:

    Great t-shirt, Chandra

  5. Mark Lackley says:

    That was a great read. So cool that you took the time to do that.

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