A Map of the Land

This is a map that I made for a document Maggie needed to present to her board, a few weeks ago. Other than the path of the ravine, the lines are exact – taken from a government survey map and converted to AutoCAD and photoshop files on my computer.

The land, all three campuses (campi?).

The land, all three campuses (campi?).

The rightmost area in green is the small area (0.17 acres) where I will be working with Nripal on building an isolated campus for just the littles Kopila kids (from Daycare up to 1st or 2nd grade). We’ll be building five classrooms. The design concept is set, and is going to be amazing. We’ll optimistically start building the foundations in mid-April.

This is separated by a road from the 1.36 acre main campus in light blue, where Hemendra is our main contractor. Hemendra has all this work down to a science, so I mostly just give my input on small adjustments – minor amendments to build locations or the Administration building material. Right now, I’m working with Hemendra to figure out the best soil composition for our rammed earth walls. Once we decide on the clay content, the next question will be % of cement added. Hopefully we can keep this to a minimum. I’m hoping that we can actually use lime, instead of cement, because it recarbonizes (pulling in CO2) after you use it, severely cutting your carbon emissions. Over here, we’re going to have 10 classrooms + a science lab, a library and computer lab, a cafeteria/auditorium, an amphitheater, the administration building, and a playing field.

The leftmost yellow area is where I’m building my current rammed earth fence. It’s a huge space (2.17 acres) and the land varies from rice patties to jungle to secluded terracing along the jungle ravine (red). The plan for this side is relatively undeveloped, but our current line of thought is that we can use the space to experiment with, and eventually teach, permaculture, beekeeping, mushroom growing, metalworking, woodworking, masonry, greenhouses, agriculture, husbandry, and more.


3 comments on “A Map of the Land

  1. Josh says:

    Great to see it mapped out Luke. A lot easier to picture.

    Btw, I know some land in Vermont that could use a little of this. Amazingly enough, i see it a good part of it right out my shop window! As wet as it was last year it might well even grow rice.

  2. cassidia8 says:

    How about pottery too?

  3. c1211m says:

    Yes yes, pottery as well! Anything is possible with enough space

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