India: Nepal’s bully.

Nepal is a country still coping with division from a decade long civil war, a century of poverty, and recent floods and – maybe you’ve heard – a decent sized earthquake. The country, after almost a decade of pontificating, corruption, and incompetence, was finally able to write a new constitution. The Madhesis, an ethnic group along the Indian border, felt that they were under-represented in the Nepali Parliament, and India seemed to agree (a good portion of Madhesis are recently immigrated from India). Rather than congratulate their “friend” Nepal and accept its admittedly imperfect constitution (and recognize that future amendments are always possible) India has decided to cut off all petrol deliveries to the landlocked Nepal. So, for the last 5 days, the entire country has been without any fuel. Humanitarian aid to earthquake victims has surely been effected, and an already weak economy has been crippled by Nepal’s big bully brother. Modern imperialism.


7 comments on “India: Nepal’s bully.

  1. janemetcalf says:

    Luke~I’ve been reading about the fuel situation, not just online but in newspapers. It’s unusual that anything about Nepal would appear in the valley news. But, of course, it’s more about India being a bully, as you said.

    How long will the withholding of gas last? Any idea? I remember ridiculously long lines in KTM. Cannot imagine the scene these days.

    No petro for the motorcycle, probably. What about deliveries of food to stores? Are you feeling the effects at kopila? What about flights in and out of Nepal?

    I’m glad the rainy season is nearly over. That must help a little.

    I feel for the Nepali people. Not deserved in any manner. 😦

    Love you kluke~moja–my new name with Cass and Pete

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  2. Josh says:

    A sad lesson in the reality of international politics.

  3. Tim says:

    I wonder if it’s really that simple, Duke. Boycotts cut two ways: it’s costing the Indian gov. tax revenue and the Indian oil/transportation industry a lot of money, so I doubt it’s happening for little or no reason. Surely if the Madhesis were disenfranchised that’s no minor issue. But you’re there and I’m not…

    • c1211m says:

      Actually, this topic came up at dinner last night and our principal (who is a very well educated Nepali) gave us a good overview of what happened. There are currently elections being held along the Bihar state of India. Many Bihar have kin just across the border (the Madhesis), and Modi’s administration supposedly sought to harvest their goodwill/votes by showing solidarity with their Nepali neighbors. Elections are concluding, and sure enough, petrol is now being let through to Nepal.

    • c1211m says:

      The Madhesis were certainly not disenfranchised- they make up ~40% of the population and were seeking 60% of the seats in Parliament, instead of the 42% they received.

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