About this blog/trip

Who: Me, C Luke Metcalf the First

Where: Surkhet, Nepal (after a few stops along the way)

What: Managing the construction of a carbon-neutral high school for an organization that provides schooling to impoverished children.

When: August 21, 2013 – ???

Why: Duh.

Suuuree.. Suure.

Suuuree.. Suure.

I’m an Engineer, not a writer, so I hope the content you find in this blog is intriguing enough to hold your attention. If it does, it’s because this 8-month odyssey is verifiably interesting. I’m extremely lucky to be given this chance to travel to Nepal, stopping on the way in various cities, and work on building a brand new high school, complete with sustainability measures. Right now, the land is a mix of old rice terraces and untouched Nepali jungle, so we truly are starting from the ground up. Who knows how this all will turn out, but the whole experience is about learning, both about myself and the people who will surround me, and figuring out the massive challenges ahead.



6 comments on “About this blog/trip

  1. Hope Cannon says:

    Luke, add Rob’s email to the blog list, please. rbbuckley@gmail.com

  2. Steven Thomas says:

    Please add me, Luke. stinc@sover.net. Thanks and looking forward to following your journey. Steve

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are you alive and well?

    XO Cookie

  4. huckrorick says:

    I was very interested in your site. I am an architect and general contractor. I work with a non-profit organization that is helping a village in southeastern Nepal (near to Katari) create a school. I found you because I was looking for information on handling of lumber in Nepal. Your pictures and video of the mill in Surkhet was great. Our project shares a lot of goals with yours. Would you be up for some email chat, exchange of ideas? You can learn a bit about our organization at our website http://www.groundwork.org. We don’t have anything on the site yet about the project in Nepal but the site will give you an idea about us. Let me know if you are up for corresponding. My email is huckrorick@groundwork.org

  5. glacialtides says:

    I just remembered. I met you on the plane …which flight? I don’t remember. I hope life is good, sir. You are doing great work there. Cheers! Oh! that’s me below (https://glacialtides.wordpress.com).
    I haven’t been there in a couple of years. Cheers!mate

  6. glacialtides says:

    Luke Metcalf. Really _You are doing amazing work. Thanks for your time. Raining here on the west side of Mt. Rainier, nr. Wilkerson, WA

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